TrakPointe – The Next Generation of Loan and Deposit Pipeline Tracking, Management, and Reporting

TrakPointe is the next evolution in loan and deposit pipeline and process management in community banking. TrakPointe eliminates Microsoft spreadsheet risk from loan pipeline management.

TrakPointe is the result of 10 years of insights and recommendations from community bankers about what they need to make their work go faster, save time, reduce risk, and make their examiners happy. We invite you to spend a few minutes to learn about our Loan Pipeline System.

Welcome to TrakPointe | Prem Sundaram and Robert Hess - Founders.

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The TrakPointe Loan Pipeline System

  • Tracking Your Pipeline Accuracy and Efficiency

    The TrakPointe Loan Pipeline System contains a secure, web-based tracking tool, allowing all your team to enter and view loan pipeline data. No more problems with Excel. 100% visibility to everyone!

    More about the Tracking and Reporting
  • Managing your Pipeline Managing Performance

    With TrakPointe's reporting and dashboard capabilities you can be sure you have the right reports for your management meetings, and the metrics to know if your pipeline is on track> More about Managing and Performance



"TrakPointe gives us a more formal process for things we were trying to monitor and track in Microsoft Excel. With TrakPointe, we have a formalized and error-free system to track them."

Melissa Lanfre, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Beach Business Bank.